Play Ball!

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Published on: March 31, 2008

It’s that time again… major league baseball is back in town!  As a die-hard White Sox fan, I don”t think that this season holds anything more than mediocrity (hard to win your division when you’re playing against the likes of Detroit and Cleveland!), but I”m still giddy with the thought of my guys taking the field.

Except for this:  why is it that MLB insists on starting the season IN MARCH up NORTH??  Aren’t there plenty of cities that have great weather around this time?  Why play in Chicago or Cleveland when Florida, Arizona and California are sunny and warm.  Give us a fighting chance for a nice Opening Day — start the season in the south, and have our Opening Day be sometime in mid-April.  Sure, it could still be snowing, but at least we’re that much closer to seeing the sun shine!


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