Sugarless: halfway through!

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Published on: April 21, 2009

(just in case you’ve lost the train of thought on my recent blog posts, I started 30 days of No Sugar challenge to test out a few theories and see if maybe, just maybe, I could kick my Lean Bod project into high gear)

Over halfway through my little no-sugar experiment.  Hard to believe!  At the beginning of this, it seemed like a very long, painful road, but it’s funny how often pre-conceived notions can be entirely wrong.

I really thought this would be a difficult thing, but surprisingly enough, it hasn’t been too awful.  It’s not like I’ve been a totally cranky, un-be-aroundble (it’s a word, really!) person throughout all this (or – if I have, it isn’t related to the lack of sugar in my diet).  And even the skeptic in me has to admit that the sugar cravings have not really been too much of a problem.

Wait.  What?  No cravings, you say?

It’s true!  From almost the beginning, I haven’t really had any drive-me-crazy cravings for the sugar.  Sure, there was The Pie incident from Easter, but other than that, it just really hasn’t been an issue.  I haven’t knowingly cheated, and haven’t started making some exceptions that I thought I might (like, honey being okay or even eating a protein bar or some other snack before working out).

What’s been the key to this?

First – I really go out of my way to keep myself from being in situations where I have no choice but to eat crap.  The bad stuff is out of my house, and so far I’ve been really good about staying stocked with fresh fruit to snack on.

Second - the fresh fruit has been a godsend!  Grapes are now my most favorite-ist fruit ever. They’re portable, don’t require slicing or dicing, and are so sweet that they puts most candy to shame.

Third – I told everybody that I was doing this (and I mean EVERYBODY… if you gave me 5 minutes of your time, I would have snuck this into the conversation).  Without anyone being the wiser for it, you all became my built-in support staff.  My accountability.  My No-Sugar Police.

And the results?  They’re just starting to come in, actually.  It took about a week, but now I’m feeling better, dropping a few pounds and generally feeling like this is starting to kick in and make some changes.

I know it’s only halfway done – and only 15 days at that – but so far, so good.  What will be the hardest part is keeping up with the grocery shopping and making sure my cupboards are full so I always have a healthy choice available to me.

(Because who KNOWS what might happen if I were to run out of grapes…!!)

  1. Nicole says:

    Way to go!
    Have you ever tried champagne grapes? Holy crap—must be the sweetest grapes on the planet! Yum!!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. laura says:

    I don’t know that I’ve even seen champagne grapes?! Where do you find them? Specialty store? Whole Foods???

  3. Jeannie says:

    I’ve been wondering why you had to give up gum during this month — could you have had sugarless gum but you just don’t like it? Or was it all gum?

  4. laura says:

    I gave up artificial sweeteners as well, so gum is out. Boo.

  5. Jeannie says:

    So then, here’s a bigger question. What are you doing for caffeine?

  6. laura says:

    Tea! I was introduced to Sweet and Spicy tea (by Good Earth) and fell in love with it. One of the only teas I’ve ever had that doesn’t need sweetening.

    (oh, and the occasional Excedrin fills in nicely, too!)

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